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Energy Mod v5.0 Finally Released!
Posted October 30, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
Thats right as of this moment Energy Mod v5.0 is ready to download! Just click HERE and go download the mod now!

The mod is in several forms, there is the basic version for those that do not use mod swapper and then the intro for that version you dont need the intro but it is really cool so if you got a good net connection I suggest you get it :grin:. The others are for those that wish to use Mod Swapper with Energy Mod, there is a full version with intro and a light without it and then the intro seperate just incase you got the light version and still want the intro :huh:.

If you want any info on the mod just check out the screenshots section! And last thing if anyone has ANY problems installing the mod or has any concerns with the mod (errors, balance issues, anything) just head over to our forums and let us know :laugh:.

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Energy Mod Intro Movie
Posted August 13, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
Hey, if you have not seen our Intro/teaser movie yet than I suggest you see it now Posted Image

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Chinese Assassin!
Posted August 1, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
Hey we finally have some progress on the assassin, the sword fighting animations are still being done but this is what we have so far :grin:
Posted Image

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Screenshot of the Day!
Posted June 2, 2004. By Natus.
Id hate to be on the receiving end of that...

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Screenshot of the Day!
Posted May 27, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
hey check it out the first building to appear on the screenshot of the day, as you can see ship yards (in GLA's case Docks) will have to be built facing the water and close to the water, to the team this is the best way to implement the construction of naval units (it only requires 10 extra seconds to rotate the building towards the water and to place it close to the water :blinky:)

Also you see the GLA Jet Ski! Seadoo at it's best ;)2 it has 2 machineguns and 2 side mounted rocket pods, can take out other ships and boats if in groups like seen in the screenshot :p
Posted Image

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