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New Particle Tank Model
Posted August 30, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
hey since the mod is almost done and I promiced a new particle tank model that kicked ass here it is!

Posted Image

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NOT DEAD but almost DONE!
Posted August 12, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
Yes thats right the mod is about done, finishing up work on the ShellMap and getting the Acid Rain Scud Launcher for Thrax skinned. Thats about it, there are some cameos but cool gamer is working on that and we do have a last minute idea but have no one to make it. THIS:

Posted Image
Posted Image
It is a fake aircraft for some movie but it looks SOO damn cool and we got to have it in the mod Posted Image

more pics and info

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We are getting ready to rumble
Posted July 24, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
Hey as beta testing goes and and many bugs are getting fixed and everything is comming together there are still some things keeping me from finally getting the mod out....for one we need a cameo maker, we have a few cameos left to be made and no one with skill to make them :( so if anyone who reads this can help PLEASE WE NEED IT!!!!! other problems like a gfx bug that makes the fantan and apache turn into whatever object they are near (would actualy be really cool idea for a mirage style take you know, but it is unstable and doesnt work on all systems, the gfx bug that is). Anyway I hope with all the work I have that we could make a public releace by end of next week it seems it may have to wait.

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Screenshot of the Day!
Posted June 15, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
About time eh? Well I have been super busy and not been able to make a screenshot of the day, sorry.
The China NVFanTan is a low level jet that is great for troop support, carrying 2 large missiles the FanTan can take out any small reqiment of troops or 1-2 tanks in two shots. The FanTan can be upgraded with EMP missiles for extra anti-tank power and the ability to shut down buildings for a shot time, even though they are not very effective against buildings..
Posted Image

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Screenshot of the Day!
Posted June 6, 2004. By Lt.Zack.
yellow rafts aww I liked the black, more "stealthy like" oh well doesnt matter black yellow all is good :)

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